Manage Notifications Chrome Why Are QA Testing Companies Important?

Many organizations are unaware of the difference between QA and testing and, surprisingly, often confuse the two with basic testing. Where testing is the process of measuring the actual output of the application with the expected one, QA testing companies ensure that the requirements are met. The efficiency of the quality assurance process has a direct impact on the customers. When a product goes down, or fails to perform as per the user’s requirements, customers discard the product and look out for better alternatives.A general product testing and QA practice includes creating a checklist of the following:• Documentation• Source code

• Code review• Change and configuration management• Release management• TestingWhat Are Quality Standards?Quality standards of a product vary from business to business. The quality benchmarks may be marked by a business, a client, or the global market in general. But it is important to understand that it is not the source, but the quality of the final product and the strategy used to achieve it. Often the requirements of a project can be very sensitive. So, precise documentation and a dependable plan of action by QA testing companies plays a major role to achieve the expected quality standards.Role of Quality Assurance In TestingTesting adds value to the quality and performance of any application, and quality assurance takes it to a different level. It can be rightly said that testing and QA are different, yet these are closely linked. Where software or application testing proves to be a method of finding the bugs, quality assurance engineers look out for flaws which may not be considered as a bug, such as usability testing. Though assuring the product for quality is not a simple task, but it plays a major role in finding out the weak links that are a hindrance to the expected quality.

ConclusionA dedicated application testing and quality assurance process begin with a clear plan. This features pre-defined standards and procedures, which are compliant with the expected output of the product. As the development project moves towards its final stages, customized quality audits performed by QA testing companies ensure minimal to no errors. Such standards of the application’s assurance for high quality also sets the benchmarks for similar products in the market, making it easier for developers to make updates on the go. As a result, the end users are delivered with a high quality product or services on which they can rely.

Fear This My Fellow Athlete

Competition is good, just as fear is good – if you will use it to your advantage rather than letting it use you. Fear can frazzle us to make mistakes, become uncertain, and anxious, but fear used to our advantage can propel us to greatness. It’s a double-edged sword. Since fear is internal, you own it, it’s yours to use as you will, if you ignore it, it might hurt you, if you use it, it can help you, give you the edge, especially in competition. How might I know this?

Well, I supposed any seasoned competitor in the human endeavor or athlete understands exactly what I am saying, but in case you need more examples to help you better understand this concept, by all means keep reading.

Recently, I read an interesting article online and watched a great video sponsored by Expert Sports Performance, the video was titled: “How Talented Athletes Deal with Fear,” by Loren Fogelman, a well-known sports psychologist.

In my view I believe that Fear is a wonderful thing, a huge driver of the human psyche, but Loren Fogelman reminds me of the truth that: “it motivates some and stops others dead in their tracks,” which is absolutely a fact.

Still, I believe that if FEAR stops someone from achieving or causes them to choke under pressure, then I would submit to you that:

1.) They don’t understand what fear is; and,
2.) They are not using FEAR as an adrenal shot for peak performance

Well, I say; too bad for them, if they are competing against me or my team. Fear can be a weakness if you let it, or high-octane when you need it, YOU decide which. “It’s all in your head” I always say. Anyway, that’s the way I see it. A great book to read is: “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!” published by in the 80s as a motivational type book.

As a competitive runner, I used to imagine footsteps behind me and ready to pass. Interestingly enough, I was a pretty good athlete so that didn’t happen much, but when it actually did happen it’s a sound you never forget. This imagination during competitive races propelled me to stay on pace or increase my speed opening up a large gap between me and the other runners. Sometimes when I am out training even today, I will listen to my feet hit the trail and pick up the sounds of the echo and amplify them in my brain to simulate those ever-feared footsteps, thus, propelling me to run faster and faster.